ALL Ladies League’s Vadodara’s Chapter Organized “Strategic Supremacy??? Seminar with Prof. Richard D’Aveni

ALL Ladies League’s Vadodara’s Chapter Organized “Strategic Supremacy??? Seminar with Prof. Richard D’Aveni

A seminar on “Strategic Supremacy: How You Can Create Growth, Wealth and Power through Spheres of Influence??? with Prof. Richard D’Aveni, was organized by ALL Ladies League’s Vadodara Chapter, at Yahvi Hotel, Vadodara on 23rd November 2014.

Tuck School’s Professor of Strategy, Prof. Richard D’Aveni, is named among top 20 management gurus and top 5 strategic thinkers in the world and is widely known for his unique management tactics. In his recent visit to India he discussed highlights of his book “Strategic Supremacy???.

In his thought provoking address at ALL Ladies League’s seminar, Prof. Richard D’Aveni stressed on the need of equal women participation across industry. Prof. also highlighted much needed strategically-correct frame work in India, which can help the country to gain new heights. The Tuck School Professor, Richard D’Aveni emphasized on the need to maximize entrepreneurship in the country to attain double digit growth in India.

The seminar revolved around several new and innovative management strategies as well as discussed much-needed women leadership in the nation.

Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League, stressed on need of a strategic approach to increase women empowerment in India. She said, “I feel glad to have Prof. D’Aveni with us today. India blessed with enormous opportunities and talents; critically requires a strategic shift in our thinking process and a new entrepreneurial mindset to raise its GDP and to prove it to be the world’s next superpower???.

Ms. Sarika Varshnei, CEO, Yahvi Hotel, Vadodara and National Committee Chairperson, Hospitality, ALL Ladies League, addressed the audience with her word of appreciation and said, “We are extremely glad to have exemplary strategist Prof. D’Aveni with us today and look forward to a fascinating interactive session with the renowned strategist???.

Ms. Dharmeshnandini Patel, Vadodara Chapter Chairperson, ALL Ladies League also shared her views and appreciated Prof. Richard D’Aveni for providing deep insight on strategic management. In her address, she highlighted the much needed women empowerment and women participation in the society.

ALL Ladies League, an all-women’s international chamber with a vision to connect with women from all strata of the society under a common sisterhood, is glad to have such an enlightening session with renowned strategist, thinker and management wizard Prof. Richard D’Aveni. The seminar on “Strategic Supremacy??? was held at Yahvi Hotel, Vadodara on 23rd November 2014.

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