Adjiedj Bakas

Adjiedj Bakas

Trendwatcher, Author, Trend Office Bakas


Adjiedj Bakas (1963) is a highly acclaimed trendwatcher, author and speaker with roots in India, Latin-America and Europe. He researches financial, social, cultural, economic, technological and spiritual trends and interprets these for an array of clients. Bakas is a much sought-after speaker for conferences, strategy sessions and other business gatherings. He is captivating, stimulating, visionary, humorous, inspirational, challenging, and accessible. He is provocative but always positive, even in these times of economic decline, hence a favourite phrase of his is: ‘A kite rises highest when it flies against the wind’.

He lectures about 200 times per year for businesses including Apple, Credit Suisse, Philips, Air France KLM, DSM, Google, Microsoft, Shell, Capgemini, JP Morgan, MorganStanley, ING, Nike, Adecco, Aegon, Robeco, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, PWC , KPMG, Cisco, Deloitte, E&Y and BMW. Unorthodox, optimistic, inspirational and animated: he is one of the most appealing speakers currently available.

Bakas has written various bestsellers about the future that have been published in the Netherlands, the US, China, Brazil, England, Norway and other countries. His English language titles include ‘Plenty’, ‘The State of Tomorrow’, ‘The Future of Food’, ‘The Future of Health’, ‘The End of Privacy’, ‘The Future of Faith’ and ‘The Future of Love’. In 2014 he published his first book in German: ‘Deutschland rechnet ab’. Recent Dutch titles include: ‘Megatrends Werk’ and ‘Trends 2015’.

Specialties: He is considered to be ‘exciting’ (Esta), ‘optimistic’ (CNN), ‘inspirational’ (BBC), ‘provocative’ (TV2 Newscast Denmark), ‘festive’ (Quote), ‘a real citizen of the world’ (Times of India), ‘a major trendwatcher’ (China Daily), and ‘an oracle’ (Zero Hora, Brazil).