About Us


Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a highly prestigious international space in more than 120 countries to connect women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs around the world in the framework of solidarity, gender parity and empowerment.
This is an event happens anually in different countries. This year Bolivia will have their first WEF. The event will take place the 28th and 29th of May, and it will be both virtual and in person.
On the 28th the event will host international speakers from different countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chipre, España, Canadá, India, among others, which will talk about their personal experiences in business touching different topics like leadership, economics, economics after Covid, international trade, sorority, the importance of Networking, international trade, among other topics that are all related to women empowerment. The speakers will speak via zoom, however the inauguration will be held in an in person event, where the representative of WEF Bolivia , Claribel Aparicio Ferreira , her team and important business people in Bolivia will have a small get together to celebrate the beginning of this great movement.
The first day will be international speaker and the next day, the speakers will be Bolivian women that are really successful in business. The topics will again be centred in empowering Women in usual life and in Business to increase the conecction between Women and to increase tre Economy and the oportunities for Bolivian Women and pomote the Networking between Women at ALL and WEF ftom 120 countries.