About WEF EU 2017

WEF – EU 2017- Reinventing Itself- Women Empowerment & Inclusion

Women Economic Forum – European Union 2017 will focus on the current challenges facing the integration of the European Union. We believe the way forward for EU is to reinvent itself into a more collaborative, more inclusive and more flexible Union where the interests of all, including the people of each nation are taken into account and their aspirations looked into : a truly plural europeean identity honoring and celebrating respective identities, cultures and aspirations.
WEF – EU 2017 will take place on 27-28 January 2017 in The Hague. Over 300 women and men from across the EU and Europe are expected to join along with delegates from North Africa, Middle East, and South Asia.

Discussion Agenda:

• What does reinventing EU mean to the new wave of thought leadership across the EU?
• How will each nation in the EU address the plural identities within itself?
• What paths of development will each choose and what will be the role of an active civil society therein?
• How can youth and women play an invigorating role in revitalizing many areas of economy and society?
• With what tools will they EU nations meet and address the challenges governance, finance, growing the economy (skills, services and jobs) and dealing with the rest of the world especially the new emerging economies in Asia?
• What are the new models and voices of leadership that will help EU regain its esprit and purpose?
• How to partner more actively with women, youth, and civil society at large in addressing some grave challenges in society, especially divisiveness and terror?
• What new paths of development need to be followed with vigor and cohesiveness?
• How does EU look at growing opportunities in emerging markets, strengthening trade relations, understanding of the service sector and also doing business with the fastest growing economies?

Sessions and Speakers:

To create a meaningful dialogue and discussion with all stakeholders, the program features interactive, innovative formats that aim to generate insight, spark inspiration and drive impact.Sessions are structured around a panel, bringing together expert views and contrasting perspectives. Sessions will also include issues of women leadership, business opportunities in emerging markets and elsewhere, focus on start-ups and sustainability. Corporate and university partners will animate sessions new business plans and live pitches. Speakers will include senior government officials, diplomats, corporate heads and business leaders, as also women leaders from across the EU as also from Africa, Middle East and Asia.


An associate of ALL Ladies League, the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a global forum to foster empowering conversations and connections among women committed to foster constructive change in ALL walks of life.
WEF events are mega enablers of peer-exchange and learning in a diverse and interdisciplinary context, and are a powerhouse for massive connections and networking across the globe. Our events take place throughout the year and across the world, empowering women to expand their business opportunities and increase their global influence. WEF also welcomes men who support the cause of women’s leadership in ALL walks of life. Our vision remains philanthropic, our spirit non-profit and our mode collaborative. We are here to unleash the power of each One through the power of our Oneness.
Situated in this larger context, Women Economic Forum is much more than a regular Business forum : it’s filled with an uplifting energy of “yes, we All can.” Aimed at empowering women economically for their stronger leadership, WEF enables women to connect with other women across the world, with organizations, business chambers, companies, NGOs, governments, diplomats and financiers. We provide massive global exposure and access to connections worldwide to help grow businesses internationally, raise funds, encourage new start-ups, gain knowledge about new trends in technology and innovations, enable creative collaborations et al.
WEF’s uniqueness unfolds in its unique energy and inclusive space of being culturally caring and connected as part of a truly multinational and inspired movement of empowerment and leadership uniting women and people as One Humanity with a common goal of creating wealth and wellbeing for ALL. ALL is a voice for harmony, sustainability, enterprise, leadership and celebration of diversity with a collective energy, drive, passion & force that the world has never seen before
The annual WEF in India is a mega marquee six day galactic gahering held each year in New Delhi in early May. Regional WEFs are held in different countries throughout the year and around the world to focus on issues concerning that region. The Women Economic Forum 2017 is from May 8th to 13th, 2017 in New Delhi on the theme is “Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future.” WEF 2017 will attract over 2000 women from 150 countries making it the largest ever diverse global event. Visit: www.www.wef.org.in/