About Annual WEF 2019

About Annual WEF 2019

Annual WEF 2019 “Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity With Gender Equality”

The mega marquee annual multinational WEF 2019 is from April 11th to 16th April, 2019 in New Delhi on the theme is “Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity With Gender Equality”. It will take place at the hotel Taj in Dwarka, Delhi and attract over 2000 women from 120+ countries making it the largest ever diverse global event.

At the Women Economic Forum, one meets with women entrepreneurs, leaders and businesswomen from across the world as also with industrialists, financiers, advisors, consultants, bankers, government and ministerial officials, diplomats, lawyers, and experts who can advise, connect and direct us further for our future career expansion, trade, business, innovation and growth. It’s the best place to get a wide and diverse view from people from across the world with a commitment to make a difference. It’s a peer-sharing and peer-building platform co-creating a community with shared values and ethos of creating a better world for ALL, beyond boundaries, borders and bias.

One feels a vibe of authentic sharing and humane connection at the WEF events. In addition to gaining empowering knowledge and networks, WEF is also a platform for open hearted learning and generous mentoring. People also share moving personal stories and experiences on a range of subjects that cover ALL aspects of our lives.

The Women Economic Forum is a global conference of the ALL Ladies League (ALL) to foster empowering conversations, connections and collaborations among women entrepreneurs and leaders from ALL spheres of life. Our annual week-long forum takes place in India and the regional ones throughout the year and across the world. The vision of WEF is to inspire every woman to become a businesswoman.