Abhijit Basu Ball

Abhijit Basu Ball

Chief Fitness Evangelist, Cuttlfish


Abhijit is associated with Cuttlfish in the capacity of Chief fitness evangelist. He is on amission to spread and educate masses the benefits of self defence which helps to stay fit and safe. He strongly believes that fitness is a habit and it’s not a means to the end with goals
such as weight loss or aesthetic body building.

A fitness enthusiast by the day who puts on his sales hat by the evening and carries on the same energy as in his Jiu –Jitsu to help global organisations solve their intellectual property related business problems. He currently also heads the sales wing for MaxVal IP Ventures ( a
California based tech enabled IP solutions provider).

Abhijit is a brown belt in Shito-Ryu Karate from Sanshinkan and an active BJJ practitioner. He is an MBA from Indian School Of Business and a certificate holder in IP Law from IIM Bangalore.

His motto is – Be a lifelong learner, the fun is in the journey not the destination!