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Preet Kaur Sethi

Preet Kaur Sethi - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Preet Kaur Sethi

New Delhi ,India

Preet Kaur Sethi completed her IGCSE and currently completing A-Levels.
She always been inspired by ones who have met with downfalls, but haven’t ever given up.
She working for NGOs and hence in 2015 and she had also worked with Habitat for Humanity . She said about that it was one of most productive experience where she learnt so much .
This year since she will be turning 18th and she is hoping to be able to celebrate my special day with underprivileged children.
Also, last year she had helped a local college collect newspaper from the colony so that single mothers could make baskets and earn money for their needs.

Preet Kaur Sethi just aim at never stop earning.
She dn’t want to want to see her self in the near future earning money in big numbers but she want to see herself helping her country do better and she will contribute her every little bit to do so .
She loves travelling ,exploring ,meeting new people and connecting with nature. It helps her to feel so blessed to be able to see and feel the beauty of mother nature .