Nazia Khatun


Nazia Khatun

Founder of Fitness Reborn

United Kingdom (UK)

An author of “how to fall in love with your body” and the founder of Fitness Reborn UK, Nazia Khatun has overcome obstacles in her journey as a Muslim, Bangladeshi boxer and speaks about her journey living with an eating disorder and how her depression was tackled. She speaks about the topics that are associated with a taboo and brings light for healing. Her role as a Body Transformation coach has seen females regain their confidence and self-esteem by using fitness as a tool to reprogram their mind set and creates a new attitude towards food and exercise but most importantly her mission is to help people to fall in love with themselves. Nazia has been featured on BBC news and also a part of the ADR Rothchild’s programme where her organisation was seen as having a positive social impact for change.

“Our strength comes from one another and I will go the extra mile to get clients to step into the best version of themselves and get them to feel reborn again”