WEF-British Columbia Canada 2017 Program Details

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 Moderator   Lead     Co-Lead    Plenary

Time Allocation
For Lead: 15 Min, Co-Lead :15 Min, Plenary Speaker: 5 Min.

WEF-British Columbia Canada 2017 “Women Leading New Global Thinking & Change”

Day-1, Thursday, 16 November 2017

Time Session
Topic Speakers

09:00am-10:00am 16A- Inaugural Session * Inauguration & Theme Address: “ Women Leading New Global Thinking & Change ”
10:00am – 11:00am 16B- Plenary Gender Fulfillment & Partnership Khairatul Saidu ,
laila Chiadmi Garcia,
Melinda Wittstock,
1611- Parallel Redefining Sustainable Business Oladunni Owo,
Esther Thane
1612- Parallel The Power of Education to Make a Positive Change to Our World Reva Jhingan Malik,
Anshika Rajiv
Cinthya GomezTagle
11:00am – 12:00noon 16C- Plenary Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Tourism & Culture
1621- Parallel Understanding the Century of Migration & Mobility Dalia Francheska Marquez Añez,
Isabella Bertani ,
Navjot Sanghera,
Rocio Cano ,

1622- Parallel The Science of Happiness: Positive Psychology Research & Tools Shelly Ryan
Sandra Jeffs
12:00noon– 01:00pm 16D- Plenary Creating a New Eco-System for Education, Learning , Design & Lifestyle Ranjan Malik
Reva Jhingan Malik
1631- Parallel Power of Experiential Learning in Leadership Development Khairatul Saidu
Nikki Bell
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
1632- Parallel How to Build the Habit of Exercising & Eating Healthy Deep Laxmi ,
Dr. Jasbir Kaur
01:00pm – 02:00pm 16E- Plenary Meeting The Challenge of Holistic Lifestyle & Healthy living – Issues of Health, Pollution, Climate Change, Water, Waste Sandra Jeffs ,
Sonia Andhi Bilkhu
1641- Parallel The Power of the “P” It’s a Mind Thing – (Turning Your Perception from Pain to Pleasure). Sandra Wallin

1642- Parallel Developing Attitudes & Behaviours for Success Bonita Zarrillo,
02:00pm – 03:00pm 16F- Plenary Driving Growth Through Global Trade, Partnerships & Co-Operation. Shellie Hunt ,
Oladunni Owo,
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez,
Isabella Bertani,
Anita Huberman
1651- Parallel Celebrating Nature Through Art & Cultural Differences
1652- Parallel Rock Your Money Maker: Dare To Be Your Authentic You
03:00pm – 04:00pm 16G- Plenary Power of Education to Make a Positive Change in our World Through Films Alex Okoroji
1661- Parallel How to Turn Your Love of Art into a Successful Career or Business
1662- Parallel Why Innovation Matters More Than Ever ? Kerry Gibson
Ranjan Malik,
Carmen Bakas
07:00pm Onwards Talk with Huma Qureshi Moderated by Dr. Harbeen Arora (By prior registration only).

Day-2,Friday, 17 November 2017

09:00am-10:00am 17A- Plenary Driving the Future Through Tourism & Trade Nikki Bell ,
1711- Parallel What Makes Life Worth Living in the Face of Death Stacey Canfield,
Dr. Sarah Langley,

1712- Parallel Has Entertainment Become a Conduit for Social Justice & Arts
10:00am – 11:00am 17B- Plenary Art, Media, Education & Innovative Ideas as Ways of Shifting Consciousness regarding Women & integrating them in society Riya Sinha
1721- Parallel Designing an effective Women empowerment strategies Dr Zareena Abidin
1722- Parallel Creating Balance, The Hollistic Way Natasha A Patterson
11:00am – 12:00noon 17C- Plenary Uplifting & Uniting The World through Education & Skill Anshika Rajiv

1731- Parallel How Ancient Wisdom can Help us Adapt to Change Ayelet Baron
1732- Parallel Best Talent Scouts in Vancouver
12:00Noon– 01:00pm 17D- Plenary Education Leads to Community Development & Innovations. Linda Lattimore,
Natasha A Patterson
Fatima Babakura ,
Stacey Canfield
1741- Parallel Women in Media & Entertainment can Impact Change Alex Okoroji
Shellie Hunt
Riya Sinha
1742- Parallel Longevity via Ayurveda – Holistic Living
01:00pm – 02:00pm 17E- Plenary Prevent Female Physical & Emotional Abuse and work on Women’s Self Esteem Dr Babra Rana,
Shahnaz Rahman
1751- Parallel Innovations in Tourism as Cultural Heritage
1752- Parallel How to Work With Hollywood in the Canadian Market
02:00pm – 03:00pm 17F- Plenary The Arts & Sciences at the Service of Truth: A Philosophical Insight Ayelet Baron
1761- Parallel Unleashing You Power Within to be a Warrior in Business & Life Brittany Garth
1762- Parallel Creating Social Businesses for Good of Society Linda Lattimore
03:00pm – 04:00pm 17G- Plenary Failures lead to success, don’t be afraid. Jas Janda-Wiseman,
Cathrine Ann,
Shelina Mawani ,
Suman Bakshi,
Dr. Sarah Langley,
Tonia Mattu,
1771- Parallel Walking as a Revolutionary Act of Self-Care Suman Bakshi
1772- Parallel What Diets are Trending in the Market Influenced by Media & Celebrities & How They can be Beneficial Harpreet Pandher
04:00pm- 05:00pm Closing Plenary Theme : The way forward and Awards
05:00pm – 07:00pm Cocktail hour with Huma Qureshi (By prior registration only).
07:00pm Onwards Film Festival Screening

Day-3, Saturday, 18 November 2017.

09:00am – 11:00am Film Festival
11:00am – 12:30pm Short Movie Segment
01:30pm – 02:30pm Living On The Edge Doc
03:30pm – 05:30pm Union Leader
06:00pm – 07:00pm Pre Reception Cocktail
07:30pm – 08:30pm Sisak-Welcome to Surrey

Day-4, Sunday, 19 November 2017.

09:00am – 11:00pm Film Festival
11:00am – 12:30pm Short Movie Segment
01:00pm – 03:30pm The Snake Charmer-Shenpenn Movie
04:00pm – 05:00pm Short Plus-Maple
06:00pm – 08:00pm Half Ticket
08:30pm – 11:00pm Closing Night With Movie Awards

Note :* Lunch (Pre-Plated) 12:00 – 02:00pm. You can pick up your plates and attend session.