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This is our highest award conferred on leading women worldwide with eminent influence and distinguished contributions in respective spheres of, like enterprise, education, business, health, community leadership, development, media, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, innovation, social responsibility, technology and others. It is given to women who have led their companies and institutions in eminent leadership roles with distinctive achievements.

This award is for women who are pioneers and leaders in their respective entrepreneurial and professional endeavors, with a distinctive voice and vision that are inspiring and innovating a new narrative of women’s leadership in all walks of life. It is for those whose expertise and spirit can inspire and inform the next wave of a more awakened and empowered women's leadership.

This award is for upcoming women leaders who with their entrepreneurial spirit and creative actions and attitudes are bringing in the much needed soft power to bring cultures and countries closer in friendship and exchange. It is for those who are making a difference and participating in co-creation.

This award honours the inspiring achievements and leadership prowess of young teens and tweens in all fields who have explored new frontiers and challenges to create a better world for society and its inclusive wellbeing; with a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and focussed drive.
Age profile is around 14-25 years.

This award honors inspiring research, design, inventions and innovations stemming from scientific temperament and entrepreneurial spirit. It celebrates personal leadership that helps address and impact the societal challenges of our times with sustainable solutions and innovations.
Age profile is around 14-25 years.

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