Urmi Chakravorty

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Urmi Chakravorty - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Urmi Chakravorty

Assistant Professor & Soft Skills Trainer


Prof Urmi Chakravorty is a soft skills trainer since last 6 years and deals with engineering and management students, helping them clear campus recruitment drives. She takes up personality development training through creative activities. She has her Master in Mass communication and specialising in Communications. She is also an education columnist in few newspapers. She is a social activist and works for the upliftment of the house helps and the needy promoting creativity and helping them earn a living out of it. Volunteers and counsellor for NGO’s. She is a passionate theatre artist, a freelancer of hobby Prop items, owns Da funky Prop shop, loves art and craft and is also the founder of Nagpur Circle of Moms. Her work has been covered by the digital and print media along with many online global platforms where she has shared her journey motivate others to do meaningful and wholesome work and use their creative side in various fields. She wants to link her communication stream and her creativity, she wants to promote literacy via creativity to the students and encourage expressing views via creative thinking. Nagpur, India.