Ulrike Glatz

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Ulrike Glatz

CEO, The Impact Club


Ulrike Glatz has launched The Impact Club at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2018. The Impact Club is a global membership organisation for Impact Ventures tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (www.the-impact-club.org)
She is passionate about women empowerment and a more conscious way of doing business that aims at a triple bottom line of success: profit, as well as a contribution to the society and the environment.

She has over 12 years of experience in Management Consulting and Business, is an UNCTAD Empretec certified entrepreneur, holds a Master degree from Passau university / Germany in International Business & Cultural Studies & speaks 5 European languages.

She also is CEO of danaji Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. / Bangalore, India – a consultancy firm that advises European companies when entering the Indian market (www.danaji.com ) and Trade Commissioner for Germany on behalf of KRETO .( www.kreto.in)