Nandini Chakravorty

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Nandini Chakravorty - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Nandini Chakravorty

Secretary, Department of Food Processing Industries


Nandini Chakravorty, M.Sc Geography, IAS has been Managing Director of West Bengal Industrial Development Corp., since July 1, 2011. Mrs. Chakravorty served as Managing Director of the West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the WBIDC. She served as also the Chief Executive Officer of WBPTO. She served as a Director of Haldia Petrochemicals Limited. She served as Non-independent Non-Executive Director of Nicco Parks & Resorts from November 27, 2007 to May 24, 2009. Mrs. Chakravorty served as Director of South Asian Petrochem Limited since December 20, 2007 until April 30, 2009. She served as a Director of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd., West Bengal Asset Management Company Ltd., Bengal SREI Infrastructure Development Ltd., Bengal Nesrori’ Industrials Ltd. and Bengal Integrated Infrastructure Development Ltd.