Marut Bhardwaj

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Marut Bhardwaj - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Marut Bhardwaj

CEO, Mindful Leadership


Marut Bhardwaj is a Strategy professional with more than 28 years of experience in Corporate roles and Entrepreneurship, Passionately believes in Mindful Leadership and consciously live the passion everyday through my work-life! Launched the annual event “Mindful Leadership Summit India” in India and successfully conducted the event two consecutive years 2016 and 2017, with participation of more than 350 people from corporates like Accenture, Oberoi, Trident Hotels, Delloitte, GE, HAL, HPCL, Panasonic, Nestle, Maruti, Renault, Kohlet, Max, Manipal Hospital, Times of India, Business World and more Deeply believe , that World Peace is possible by working with communities that work to bring about a Culture shift in their workplace, as leaders and individuals who work within their deeper selves to bring a mind shift. I am a Senior Consultant and Trainer of Potential Project, the global leader in mindful leadership and mindful organizations. We are dedicated to enhancing individual and organizational performance, resilience and creativity. We have helped over 1000,000 individuals in over 450 companies shift their cultures towards managing their attention better, being more productive, resilience and creative and we’d love to help you too. We have over 250 trainers, across 28 countries, delivering corporate mindfulness programs to many of the Fortune 500 including Accenture, Cisco, Nike, American Express and Microsoft to name a few. Throughout my earlier career I always had a deep interest in how mind training impacts performance, so as a long-term mindfulness practitioner I began, 10 years ago, to look at how to introduce these really helpful techniques into the corporate world.Whilst our size, global reach and client base may have grown over the years we remain very much a mindful organization, our mission to help people lead more engaged, happy and purposeful lives remains at the core of everything we do, every conversation we have, every program we deliver. Our trainers, themselves all deep mindfulness practitioners from corporate backgrounds walk the talk every day.