Marianna Marcucci

Marianna Marcucci

Co-Founder, Invasioni Digitali


An avid listener, I believe that change can only come from exchanging ideas and opinions. Always striving to find unexplored connections between people to create new communities, I focuse on helping them develop projects linked to the world of culture and tourism while seeking fresh opportunities for communication. Over the past years, I have concentrated on the possibilities offered by the web linked to the travel, art and culture industries. In this context, I co-founded “Invasioni Digitali” (Digital Invasions), a bottom-up initiative created in Italy in 2013. Invasioni Digitali aims to promote the value of and engagement with local cultural heritage. Its goal is to disseminate knowledge highlighting local beauty and history by using the power of internet and social media. The claim of the 2017 edition is “Culture without borders”. I believe that as never before it is necessary to focus our attention on the differences that make us the individuals we are. Differences, which society instead often stifles and represses. I completed my Degree in Pharmacy knowing that my future would develop inside a laboratory but not a pharmaceutical one. From a very early stage, I began working in tourism and attended several professional development courses to satisfy my boundless curiosity while improving my knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Diversity. Change. Innovation. Added-value creation. Future. These are the drivers of my motivation. What inspires me to work every day to build the future believing, as I do that through culture and communication it is possible to make society and the world better.

Empowerment through collaboration, in business and in life, is the key to success.