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Mani Kamboj - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Mani Kamboj

COO,Roshni Media


I am on a Journey of touching as many as lives possible to TRANSFORM communities; and to LEARN from them how to live BETTER! ~Mani Kamboj
A self-described accidental entrepreneur, Unconventional Executive, Critical Innovator, By Heart Philanthropist and a Sprouting Film Producer; Mani Kamboj is the partner in Kamtiel Software, based in NYC and Co-Owns ROSHNI Media Group. She also works with UST Global (A fastest growing Digital Innovation Firm worldwide). She also sits on the board of various small to big Non Profit Organization that supports child education and women empowerment. She is also cofounder of RAYWA (Raising Awareness of Young Women with Autism), a cause that is very close to Mani and her partner Dr Rashmee Sharma.
Co-Owner and COO, ROSHNI Media Group : In her guidance and leadership, she initiated Roshni Media’s First ever Awards Program in North America TIA Awards and its First Launch was on May 29th, 2015 at The Pierre,NYC. The Award happens every 3 years and the next Awards program is scheduled in 2018.