Imambay Kamara

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Princess Imambay Kamara - WEF - UNIVERSITY - ICELAND - 2017

Princess Imambay Kamara

Founder & CEO, Disabled International Foundation Sierra-Leone


PROFILE: Educational background; Community Development and International policies
Princess Imambay Kamara (awarded on 31/10/2015, as the New Pan-African Princess) Founder and CEO of Disabled International Foundation Sierra-Leone /UK Which is responsible for; more than 5,000 disabled people of all categories and also more than 2,000 orphaned children as a result of the Ebola epidemic
-Country of Birth: Sierra-Leone
-She is a wife, and mother of 6 children
-She has achieved the following;
-She is an established entrepreneur
-Disability Rights Activist, who has lived among Disabled people and realised first-hand the challenges faced by them.
-Women and Children Rights Activist
-Human Rights Activist
-Social inclusion and Poverty Reduction.
-Building a school, orphanage and working for Disability empowerment Centre leading towards self reliance.
-International Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) policy implementation. She is also a signatory to the implementation of this policy in the UK
-Key Campaigner to stop early child marriage.
-Raising awareness for the Disabled in order to abolish Discrimination and Reinstate Dignity for the Disabled people. She is also a fierce advocate of Human Rights and Quality Education/skills acquisition for the Disabled in Sierra-Leone and Africa.
-Policy and Advocacy on the Disability Act 2011 in Sierra-Leone
 -She also campaigned for the first Disabled Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Children and Gender Affairs in Sierra-Leone
NB: She has been a recipient of more than 30 awards for Humanitarian work both in the Continent of Africa and globally.
As a Humanitarian and Human Rights Activist she is an active campaigner for Leonard Cheshire Disability UK to put policies in place for Disabled people. She has travelled extensively to some parts of Africa and other parts of the world. She has recently been a guest speaker in Geneva, Switzerland on issues of Disability. She has also spoken at the house of Parliament, at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House about Ebola Epidemic in Sierra-Leone that claimed thousands of lives.
She is so committed to improving the lives of disabled people worldwide