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Ileana Crudu - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Ileana Crudu

Robotics Trainer, GirlsGoIT


My country has a ratio women to men of 54:46, and still, the STEM field is predominated by males. Since becoming a GirlsGoIT ambassador, my primary goal became to empower girls in, and through S.T.E.M. I believe that if you want to change the world, you have to start with your neighbourhood. So, my first move was to tell all my friends about what is GirlsGoIT and how we
can eliminate the gender gap in this field. The first local project, a five-week program was meant to teach girls basics of ICT and what opportunities are in our city. With a budget of zero dollars, we trained 40 girls and told them inspiring stories about women that made the difference in S.T.E.M. At the moment I am a student in the Netherlands a couch for the international program RailsGirls, working for other gender-related programs in Tech. Back home, I’m a trainer for the Robotics field at GirlsGoIT. In 2017, UN Women was nominated in the list of “Six young women leaders you need to know”. Also, was included in the “The golden book of Basarabia and