Fungai Mtisi

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Fungai Mtisi - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Fungai Mtisi

Founder and Managing Director for ImageXchange


Fungai Mtisi is the Founder and Managing Director for ImageXchange Grooming Chambers. A pioneer in the industry, her in-depth knowledge and broad experience spans 14 years. She has coached some of the top consultants in the industry. Her private clients have included executives and a lot of individuals. She has collaborated with renowned leaders on image programs. She is known for her holistic, transformational, inspirational approach, her dynamic, entertaining, fun presentation style and her open, sharing and encouraging nature.

* Executive Masters in Business Administration
* Post Graduate Institute of Marketing Management(Current)
* Advanced Communicator Gold, Advanced Leader Bronze
* BSc in Business Management & Entrepreneurial Development
* Image Consultancy Diploma
* Toastmasters International Zimbabwe Ambassador 2014/2015
* Association of Professional Image Consultants South Africa
* Marketers Association of Zimbabwe
* Institute Of Directors in Zimbabwe
* ZBC Guest Radio Presenter
* Rotary Paul Harris Fellow