Diksha Anand

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Diksha Anand

CEO, WePersonalize


ALL: All Ladies League isambitious, dynamic personality. A mother of two beautiful girls and a destined entrepreneur who always wanted to do something out of the box. She has always been a bright scholar and a psychology graduate. She had always been ambitious enough to establish her own identity.One fine day, three years down the lane when her daughter was about to start her high school, she just realized that something nice needed to be done to make her school belongings look beautiful enough with her name marked on each of her belongings. She tried and looked for the same over the internet and then realized how this could have been done in an economical and beautiful way. That when she invented the term personalization for her own daughterʼs belongings and created some labels for her and to her surprise they came out way more beautiful than expected. The compliments and appraisal from her daughterʼs friends and their mothers were so overwhelming that laid the foundation stone for We Personalize.

It was the need of the hour for the people of Indian Republic to know more about this culture of labeling and personalized
stationary which is already a culture in foreign countries but at much higher prices. Lots of research and development was done to design, create and
manufacture each piece of stationary to bring out the final product of utmost luxury for the kids and the corporate stationaries. The ultimate outcome had always been more than the expectations and the developments were always loved by her clients and supporters.

Hence, this urge to create something new and unique each time kept her moving and within a span of a year itself almost more
than 250 different products were part of the collection. Sheer Dedication, devotion, focused approach and making the impossible things possible had been mechanism behind the working of We Personalize. The customer satisfaction has been the utmost priority and their happiness is what it matter to the company.