B.P. Dakshayani

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B.P. Dakshayani

Group Director(Retd.), Flight Dynamics Group & Space Navigation Group, ISAC


Responsible for orbit related operational s/w for Low Earth, Geosynchronous Orbit and Interplanetary missions of ISRO, development of reliable onboard algorithms required in controlling IRNSS spacecraft and various Low Earth Missions from TES onwards to Cartosat-2E. As a project manager for SRE, successfully carried out various critical activities during de-boost phase of the mission which fetched certificate of appreciation. As a Deputy Project Director for Orbit dynamics for Mars Orbiter Missions Coordinated orbit related activities required for mission operations. Trajectory generation software designed by her was used for various mission operations and maneuver designs including crucial Mars orbit insertion which lead to the success of the mission. This work has fetched her ISRO merit award. For Chandrayaan-2 she has contributed to onboard Navigation algorithm required for the crucial soft landing of lander on Moon. Published many papers in journals and international conference proceedings.

Award: ISRO Merit Award for MOM work, Certificate of Appreciation for SRE work
Membership: Astronautical society of India, IISC alumni Association