Muriel De Saint Sauveur

Muriel de

Muriel de Saint Sauveur

President Women Masterclass


Muriel de Saint Sauveur has created her company for women empowerment “WOMEN MASTERCLASS”. She is an expert in personal and corporate communication (just under 40 years’ experience), and a gender diversity specialist, author of a book: »A women’s World, a better world?», (translated into French, English, Russian and Chinese), and of several surveys about Generations of men and women. She is also an organizer and facilitator of forums and a guest speaker in many international women’s forum. After having travelled in more than 30 countries, she decided to share her experience with other women in order to give them the tools to empower their lives. The training she created will allow women to understand their values, commit to their professional choices, develop increased self-confidence, create networks, respond to discrimination and develop in the workplace by becoming true leaders. She started her trainings in Morocco, Belgium and Benin and has decided that each time she will sell one training she will give one free for an NGO or school working for girl’s education.