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About Women Economic Forum (WEF)


The forum arm of the global network ALL Ladies League (ALL), the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is an multinational forum platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities. We are a non-profit with a philanthropic vision and collaborative spirit.

With connections to 100,000 members and inspiring women across 150 countries, ALL & WEF are among the largest women’s networks offering the widest outreach to women in the spirit of “sisters beyond borders.” With a focus on enhancing mentorship with sponsorship, we are fostering an ecosystem of sharing and inspiration, resulting in innovative and entrepreneurial collaborations across all levels, energised by a spirit of readiness and responsiveness to support one another.

We have a strong #SheforShe spirit, with outreach toward #SheforHe and #HeforShe. It is a movement of Gender Equality without Gender Divisiveness.
Leading the global calendar of events for women empowerment and enterprise, we have held, in 2015 – 2018, over 20+ worldwide editions, and continue to hold around 10 every year.

This beautiful journey has emboldened us to launch our Mission Mission: with the aim of having a MILLION sisters participate in what would be a 5th World Forum on Women, in 2022, in India. As a collective endeavour and self-propelled movement of women worldwide, this would be a humble next milestone after the 4th UN-WCW held many years ago. (*The United Nations has organised four world conferences on women. These took place in Mexico City in 1975, Copenhagen in 1980, Nairobi in 1985 and Beijing in 1995. Source: unwomen.org)

Thus, WEF – 5WCW Mission Million 2022, India would be a coming together in solidarity of women worldwide toward co-creating a better world for All, in seamless connectivity beyond borders, boundaries and faiths.



About ALL Ladies League (ALL)

ALL Ladies League (ALL) is the world’s largest All-inclusive multinational women’s chamber and a global movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL by empowering women’s leadership.

With over 800+ chapters and 100,000 members across 150+ countries (and growing), ALL is the fastest growing worldwide web of women where women across strata and societies are coming together to discover their strengths and leadership in unprecedented ways. We focus on enhancing women’s leadership in ALL fields through Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation.

In our hundreds of chapters and groups worldwide that function as Lighthouses beckoning those who seek support and need networks. Here, women from diverse fields are coming together and expanding circles of sisterhood and empowering the chain of change; helping each other in real time and in safe spaces to expand networks and collaborate in personal and professional ways.

About Global Chairperson

ALL and WEF started with humble sparks of sisterhood and have today emerged as a powerful mega movement for sisterhood and our collective empowerment and enabling.

Our Vision is to bring Wealth, Wellbeing and Welfare to ALL of Humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, generation, religion or political affinity.

Our Mission is to connect as many women in trust and togetherness so that we can encourage entrepreneurial action and collaborations by women for ALL, which will bring us economic independence and leadership prowess.

Our Path is that of sisterhood and brotherhood so that our vision of Gender Equality and Empowerment is without Gender Divisiveness.

Our Code of Conduct is of ALL Positivity and No negativity, with an ethos of helpfulness and remaining non-political, non-religious and non-dogmatic.

Today, we are a robust global network of 800 chapters and having outreach to 100,000 inspiring women. We have also launched Mission Million as our Milestone 2020 by when we hope to be connected to a Million sisters; a humble step toward connecting a Billion.

In Sisterhood and Shakti Bandhan

Dr. Harbeen Arora

Global Chairperson

ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF)