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About Women Economic Forum (WEF)

An associate of ALL Ladies League, the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a global conference to foster empowering conversations and connections among women committed to foster constructive change in ALL walks of life.
WEF events are mega enablers of peer-exchange and learning in a diverse and interdisciplinary context, and are a powerhouse for massive connections and networking across the globe. Our events take place throughout the year and across the world, empowering women to expand their business opportunities and increase their global influence. WEF also welcomes men who support the cause of women’s leadership in ALL walks of life. Our vision remains philanthropic, our spirit non-profit and our mode collaborative. We are here to unleash the power of each One through the power of our Oneness.



About Women Economic Forum 2017: 8-13th May 2017, New Delhi, India

The main theme for WEF 17 is “Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future.” The agenda encompasses a broad scope of 36 vertical themes plus 5 verticals on B2B, Corporate presentations, Country presentations, Workshops/Masterclasses and Start-Ups/ Entrepreneurship shared within 498 sessions.

Individual Delegates as well as Corporates and Country representatives are invited to share their business expertise, their learning, their stories, their inspiration, their drive and focus and their message or cause as a speaker, panelist or moderator in any of these verticals.

WEF 17 has an Advisory Board and an Advisory Executive Council (AEC) of over 500 people from the world over to oversee the entire program details of WEF 2017 including the Plenary Sessions and all the Parallel Sessions that will take place under the themes. Under the Advisory Executive Council we have 36 Theme Advisory Committees (TAC) and 5 Business Advisory Committee (BAC). This is to ensure that the conference has all meaningful dialogues on topics that engage the requirements of the participants.

Regional events are held throughout the year in different parts of the world while Annual event is held in New Delhi, India. Upcoming events: London (Jan-Feb ’17); Annual WEF 17 in New Delhi (May ’17); New Mexico (May ’17);Maldives (July ’17); Johannesburg (August ’17); Bhutan (Sep ’17); Casablanca (Oct ’17); Cyprus (Oct ’17); Portugal (Oct ’17); Iceland (Oct ’17); Vancouver (November ’17) ; New Zealand/Australia(Dec ’17). You can see all updates on our website.
Website: www.wef.org.in